Saturday, 12 November 2011

Late post

Sorry not been on here for a while, this week's been a bit hit and miss, started off absolutely fantastic but on Thurs and Friday were quite bad days.

I did measure myself on Friday and I have lost an inch of my waist and around my belly button so I'm pleased so far.

I've done a few heavy weight training sessions, I ended up doing 3 training sessions on Wednesday and on Thursday I just felt so hungry all day, ate mostly healthy but then went to a Freddy Mercury tribute act on Thursday evening and had a glass of wine, It was a really good night though.

Today is our 10,000 burpee challenge and so far we've already raised about £200 for charity, (we're doing it for Help for Heroes and the Poppy Appeal) I can't wait - it's gonna hurt I recon!!

Anyway next week is going to be much better than this and let's see what results I can get, people are starting to comment on the results I'm getting now which is spurring me to carry on!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone x

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