Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It's been a while since I posted

It's been a while since I posted on here!

After my unhealthy weekend I fell ill, I was working to the bone promoting our new services at the JX FItness Studio, and last weekend and the beginning of last week I fell ill with exhaustion so had to take a rest, I recon my unhealthy weekend previously will have played a part in that too.

Since then am back on track and eating healthy again, though coffee has crept back into the diet, so this Sunday at the start of Advent I am giving up coffee again until Christmas Eve (I do enjoy a bailey's coffee with my family on Christmas Eve).

Last week by Wednesday I was feeling much more human so slowly started to add some training back in, so Wed I did a weight training session in the studio, I hadn't planned to do one as I wanted to make sure I was feeling 100% again but I trained much better after having a week off and afterwards felt much more energised, giving my body the rest it needed definitely helped improve my training. On Friday I did another weight training session, this time I did some overload training by adding extra weight and taking it until I could only perform one repetition of the exercise (did this with squats and dead lifts), we did a Saturday morning shred session (weights/intervals) with the Boot Camp ladies in the studio. After that we all went and enjoyed an omelette in a cafe in Bromtpon which was lovely. On top of my own training I have still been instructing my other classes

Saturday night (26th Nov) I went out with my sister and chose to drive rather than drink, we had a fantastic night but it was a very late finish (we got home about 4am!) and getting up at 8am with my little girl when she got home was pretty challenging, yesterday I felt very tired but still managed to eat well and today I'm feeling much better.

I'm going to head for a run soon to clear the head and then tomorrow I will do another weight training session.

The measurements haven't changed loads since losing the inch from stomach and waist but I'm feeling much better in my clothes and feeling much healthier.

Have a great week!

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