Monday, 7 November 2011

Day eight

Hi Everyone,
well so far I've done pretty well, got a nice surprise when i stepped on my mums scales on Saturday and I'd lost 5lbs over the last week, I can definitely feel the difference in my clothes!

I went to a fantastic fireworks display in Bedale on Saturday night and had a glass of bubbly with my mum when I got home which was nice. I ate really clean yesterday but didn't drink enough water.

Not going to be on this too long tonight because my eyes are almost closing as i write this!

Today started off great had kale, asparagus and scrambled egg for breakfast, then ruined lunch as I ended up having to rush out so had some puffed rice and coconut milk, not an ideal lunch, by 2pm I was really hungry again! I had a banana and then weakened and had a little bit of chocolate! This evening Joss wanted sausages for tea so when I popped into the coop on the way home to get her some I didn't expect to pick up the packet and they'd be wheat free, granted they are still processed and have potato starch in them which isn't great when you're on a quest for fast fat loss but I had a couple with some green beans, broad beans and some brocolli with sweet potato, kept me full all night not even felt hungry.

Again I'm not sure I've drunk enough fluids today as I also did a training session at the studio, was good playing with the new toys for the first time!

I did a mixture of squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, lunges with shoulder press, reverse wood chop, press ups and roll ups. I then finished the session off by doing 200 burpees in preparation for a ten thousand burpee challenge me and several of my class attendees and campers are taking part in this weekend, it's gonna hurt ha ha!

Anyway i'm going to close as I am shattered and need sleep.

Will try to write more tomorrow

Good night

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