Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Don’t end up fat this Christmas!

It’s nearly that time of year again, adverts on the television are of food, toys, anything that is to do with Christmas.

The shops are already playing Christmas tunes and the decorations were on the shelves before Halloween was even over.

So why does all this matter?

You see Christmas is a great time for spending time with the ones you love and most of us really enjoy that time, so when all the songs come on we start to get into the Christmas spirit. BUT IT’S THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER WE HAVE WEEKS YET! We start treating ourselves to mince pies and mulled wine – well it is Christmas after all…..IT’S THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER!

Remember you don’t have to start piling on the pounds before Christmas to get into the festive mood, by Christmas you’ll be sick of the site of mince pies and turkey dinners!

Why not do things differently to everyone else, remain strong and disciplined and continue with your training sessions, eating healthily, sure Enjoy the Christmas Parties at the weekends (I know they happen almost every weekend on the run up in December!) but take things sensibly, drink water between alcoholic drinks, eat a healthy meal before you go out so that you don’t pig out on the party food and the day after make sure that you go straight back to eating clean again. When Christmas actually arrives you’re going to be the one who feels fantastic rather than the one who feels fat and miserable and just wants Christmas over and done with.

You’ll enjoy the party season because you’ll know that come January it will be easy to shift any damage done from just a few days over the festive period rather than the six week lead up to Christmas!

So what would you rather be this Christmas? Feeling Fat or Feeling Fab? You decide!

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