Monday, 31 October 2011

Day one and the headache has arrived!

Ok so I'm at the end of day one of my get my body back (and make it better) challenge and oh yes the detox headaches have started!!

This morning when I returned home from the boot camp my sister (who looks after my little girl on a Monday morning while i do boot camp as my hubby is working overseas) had made me a cup of coffee which for a second i forgot about things and took a swig only to remember and pour the rest down the sink, not a great start but things definitely got much better.

For breakfast I enjoyed a banana omelette with mixed spices followed by a mint tea
i went shopping for the rest my healthy supplies today and was a bit hungry at 11 so i ate a raw food bar (cashew nuts and dried fruit) and continued with my day, after that I had phone calls and appointments so it was a quick lunch of 3 thin rice cakes, hummus, cucumber, and celery. That kept me going until about 5 when I had a stir fry of green beans, brocoli, broad beans, kale and asparagus.

Just back in from my evening sessions and have had a banana

I haven't managed to get a decent training session in today but to be fair tomorrow morning is my planned training day.

Over the course of today i must have drunk about 4litres of water and still feel pretty thirsty, just goes to show how drinking caffeine and eating toxic foods masks your bodies natural needs.

Feeling very tired and was a bit moody earlier, going to call it a night now and get an early night after a nice soak in the bath to relax because today has had some stressful moments, I will be training in the morning, sorting my little girl out for school then a full day of work on the new FItness Studio in Brompton on Swale, North Yorkshire.

I will post my measurements tomorrow before I get too much into this challenge.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Doing it for me!

Ok so I haven't posted on here for ages, i didn't manage to get all of the posts on when I carried out a six week challenge because honestly I was absolutely snowed under with work, i did manage to drop about 10cm which was ok. Yep it is an excuse and you know what i have to banish them now because challenges that I have took part in before I just haven't been ready to do them for me so the passion wasn't quite there I was happy with my shape once i lost the excess weight, this time however after a tough couple of months where I have been setting up my new fitness studio, going on holidays and attending several parties has seen my waistline increase somewhat!

So from tomorrow I'm getting back on it and am going to get my body back!!

This time i'm going to be brutally honest, tell you how i'm feeling, challenges i'm facing the food i'm eating and training i'm doing, i will aim to post each evening before I go to bed.

I am still busy setting up the new fitness studio (JX Fitness) but the main bulk of it is complete.

The challenge is on and this time its for me and i WILL succeed!