Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Corrie Star Michelle Keegan is a boot camp fan!

Hey just a very quick post,

Celebs are loving bootcamp (read more) Michelle Keegan enjoying Boot Camp
although I dont think this goes on at my boot camp (the hand prints!!)

Is there any wonder that celebs like Michelle are choosing Boot Camps over the Gym - They're more Fun (where else would you get that messy!!), you achieve better results in faster time.
Boot Camps aren't just for Celebs its for people wanting to achieve fantastic results for their body and overall well being! Why not sign up for a Boot Camp near you!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


As a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach I hear the words “I CAN’T” so many times I’ve lost count, in fact if I had a pound for every time one of my clients uttered those words I wouldn’t have to work anymore!; ) Before anyone thinks I might be preaching here – I want you to know I too mutter those words far too much for my liking!!

It’s left me to wonder why we use the words “I can’t” so quickly, is it because we believe we truly can’t do it? Maybe it’s because believe it’s too hard and we’re scared of the challenge! Maybe it’s that we just don’t want to give it a go, or don’t feel like it!! Maybe it’s because we’re afraid of failure....

Whatever the reason may be by muttering (or thinking) the words I can’t we have already talked ourselves out of even giving something a go, we are already defeated.

Just imagine what would happen if every time you thought or said the words I can’t they were replaced with the words I can! Just think of the power those words have:

I can run that extra mile! I can do that extra press up! I can get up for Boot Camp!

Even when we get to the challenging stuff like Body weight pull ups, I remember when I first gave them a go I couldn’t even lift myself past the bar!! But with practice and determination I finally managed to do 5! If I’d have had the attitude “I CAN’T” I still wouldn’t have been able to do one today, but because I told myself “I WILL be able to do....” I had set myself that challenge! I couldn’t not see through on that challenge because I’d be a failure to myself!

Fair enough sometimes we might not be able to do something straightaway, it might take days, weeks or even months to achieve but imagine the feeling you’ll have once you get there. Each time it doesn’t happen, don’t see it as a failure, just look at it as a minor setback in your path to achieving your goal

It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, "Always do what you are afraid to do." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Next time you feel the words ‘I Can’t’ coming to your mind or the tip of your tongue, replace them with ‘I CAN’, even if you don’t manage to do it at that time by saying ‘I WILL’ you have set yourself the challenge – how can you fail!! If you set yourself daily challenges and follow through until you achieve it you can be nothing but an absolute success.
To your health and fitness success!!