Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It's been a while since I posted

It's been a while since I posted on here!

After my unhealthy weekend I fell ill, I was working to the bone promoting our new services at the JX FItness Studio, and last weekend and the beginning of last week I fell ill with exhaustion so had to take a rest, I recon my unhealthy weekend previously will have played a part in that too.

Since then am back on track and eating healthy again, though coffee has crept back into the diet, so this Sunday at the start of Advent I am giving up coffee again until Christmas Eve (I do enjoy a bailey's coffee with my family on Christmas Eve).

Last week by Wednesday I was feeling much more human so slowly started to add some training back in, so Wed I did a weight training session in the studio, I hadn't planned to do one as I wanted to make sure I was feeling 100% again but I trained much better after having a week off and afterwards felt much more energised, giving my body the rest it needed definitely helped improve my training. On Friday I did another weight training session, this time I did some overload training by adding extra weight and taking it until I could only perform one repetition of the exercise (did this with squats and dead lifts), we did a Saturday morning shred session (weights/intervals) with the Boot Camp ladies in the studio. After that we all went and enjoyed an omelette in a cafe in Bromtpon which was lovely. On top of my own training I have still been instructing my other classes

Saturday night (26th Nov) I went out with my sister and chose to drive rather than drink, we had a fantastic night but it was a very late finish (we got home about 4am!) and getting up at 8am with my little girl when she got home was pretty challenging, yesterday I felt very tired but still managed to eat well and today I'm feeling much better.

I'm going to head for a run soon to clear the head and then tomorrow I will do another weight training session.

The measurements haven't changed loads since losing the inch from stomach and waist but I'm feeling much better in my clothes and feeling much healthier.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday and been feeling the effects of my weekend!

Well I decided to have a night out with the girls after our success on Saturday's burpee challenge and all day Sunday I was in bits, pain from the challenge and ill from the alcohol, was unable to eat on Sunday either as I felt ill.

Monday was much better although I have a feeling it's almost that time of the month because I've been ravenous for two days and my stomach has been feeling it, I tend to get the bloat too (and the moods lol)

Back to it fully now though, done a training session today to loosen off but had a little bit too much stew at my mums tonight, it was just so lovely!

Probably haven't drunk as much fluids as I should have done today but I will be sure to sort that out tomorrow.

Night all :o)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Late post

Sorry not been on here for a while, this week's been a bit hit and miss, started off absolutely fantastic but on Thurs and Friday were quite bad days.

I did measure myself on Friday and I have lost an inch of my waist and around my belly button so I'm pleased so far.

I've done a few heavy weight training sessions, I ended up doing 3 training sessions on Wednesday and on Thursday I just felt so hungry all day, ate mostly healthy but then went to a Freddy Mercury tribute act on Thursday evening and had a glass of wine, It was a really good night though.

Today is our 10,000 burpee challenge and so far we've already raised about £200 for charity, (we're doing it for Help for Heroes and the Poppy Appeal) I can't wait - it's gonna hurt I recon!!

Anyway next week is going to be much better than this and let's see what results I can get, people are starting to comment on the results I'm getting now which is spurring me to carry on!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone x

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Don’t end up fat this Christmas!

It’s nearly that time of year again, adverts on the television are of food, toys, anything that is to do with Christmas.

The shops are already playing Christmas tunes and the decorations were on the shelves before Halloween was even over.

So why does all this matter?

You see Christmas is a great time for spending time with the ones you love and most of us really enjoy that time, so when all the songs come on we start to get into the Christmas spirit. BUT IT’S THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER WE HAVE WEEKS YET! We start treating ourselves to mince pies and mulled wine – well it is Christmas after all…..IT’S THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER!

Remember you don’t have to start piling on the pounds before Christmas to get into the festive mood, by Christmas you’ll be sick of the site of mince pies and turkey dinners!

Why not do things differently to everyone else, remain strong and disciplined and continue with your training sessions, eating healthily, sure Enjoy the Christmas Parties at the weekends (I know they happen almost every weekend on the run up in December!) but take things sensibly, drink water between alcoholic drinks, eat a healthy meal before you go out so that you don’t pig out on the party food and the day after make sure that you go straight back to eating clean again. When Christmas actually arrives you’re going to be the one who feels fantastic rather than the one who feels fat and miserable and just wants Christmas over and done with.

You’ll enjoy the party season because you’ll know that come January it will be easy to shift any damage done from just a few days over the festive period rather than the six week lead up to Christmas!

So what would you rather be this Christmas? Feeling Fat or Feeling Fab? You decide!

If you're on FACEBOOK why not join my free group, the little black dress club and receive free online help to make sure that you look fab and not fat this Christmas

Monday, 7 November 2011

Day eight

Hi Everyone,
well so far I've done pretty well, got a nice surprise when i stepped on my mums scales on Saturday and I'd lost 5lbs over the last week, I can definitely feel the difference in my clothes!

I went to a fantastic fireworks display in Bedale on Saturday night and had a glass of bubbly with my mum when I got home which was nice. I ate really clean yesterday but didn't drink enough water.

Not going to be on this too long tonight because my eyes are almost closing as i write this!

Today started off great had kale, asparagus and scrambled egg for breakfast, then ruined lunch as I ended up having to rush out so had some puffed rice and coconut milk, not an ideal lunch, by 2pm I was really hungry again! I had a banana and then weakened and had a little bit of chocolate! This evening Joss wanted sausages for tea so when I popped into the coop on the way home to get her some I didn't expect to pick up the packet and they'd be wheat free, granted they are still processed and have potato starch in them which isn't great when you're on a quest for fast fat loss but I had a couple with some green beans, broad beans and some brocolli with sweet potato, kept me full all night not even felt hungry.

Again I'm not sure I've drunk enough fluids today as I also did a training session at the studio, was good playing with the new toys for the first time!

I did a mixture of squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, lunges with shoulder press, reverse wood chop, press ups and roll ups. I then finished the session off by doing 200 burpees in preparation for a ten thousand burpee challenge me and several of my class attendees and campers are taking part in this weekend, it's gonna hurt ha ha!

Anyway i'm going to close as I am shattered and need sleep.

Will try to write more tomorrow

Good night

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day six, the journey so far

Hi everyone,
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, this week finally got the better of me, I slept in for boot camp for the first time EVER, luckily I have a fantastic bunch of campers who all understood and actually started the workout without me, luckily it wasn't too long and I was there to see the workout through, I couldn't sleep thursday night and with eating too late, anyway lesson learnt, be sure to take more rest - I am NOT a machine ha ha.

Anyway after that my Friday was jam packed I got a delivery at 8.30 at the studio so had to rush and get Joss ready for school then dash to get the delivery and then get her to school, I'm sure it's something with delivery companies, deliver at the most inconvenient time possible :0), then it was on to do the finishing touches to the studio, which ended up continuing until about 5.30 then on to a class at 6 then straight to Darlington to get a few supplies for today's Studio open day.

My nutrition was much better yesterday and I really cut down on the fruit, I had loads of greens in a stir fry for breakfast (green beans, broccoli, broad beans, spinach and kale) and then added an egg in it then while cooking i added a little apple cider vinegar, it added a lovely flavour and then I added some himalayan crystal salt, it was lovely. Ate out for lunch with my mum in between grabbing some shopping I had homemade tomato soup and my mum had the sandwich that came with it, then before my class I had a medjool date and after I grabbed a salad from Morrisons, I added loads of green leaves (dark).

Today didn't get off to the best start, I had gluten free muesli that I'd soaked over night, I added a little coconut milk for flavour then the rest of the day wasn't too great, we had healthy nibbles for the open day but we also had cakes and bubbly - well it was a special occasion. Today is a little bit of a relaxed day because I've eaten 100% clean this week, bot did I swell a couple of hours after the cake I had!!! (note to self - dont have wheat, even on a cheat day if I can help it!)

The studio open day was a massive success and I'm still buzzing, thanks to everyone who came along x

I'm off to watch some fireworks with my family now and tomorrow get some much needed rest and spend some time with my beautiful little girl.

Have a brilliant bonfire night everyone xx

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day four and feeling fab!

Yay I wish I could bottle this feeling and remind myself how good it feels not to be fuzzy headed and lethargic!

After my post this morning I went and had a banana omelette (with half the banana Joss left last night), lunch was more of a grab and go lunch because i've not stopped today, it's all good as it's in preparation for Saturday's open day but I was still busy when I went to collect Joss from school so had to work while she had to watch cartoons, god am I feeling like a guilty mummy to her because I've hardly had any time to spend with her properly this week because it's been so busy, I've not had much time for a decent training session either and I'm really feeling unfit so I really can't wait to get fully back into it. After Saturday these things are getting scheduled in regularly again!

My dog managed to get into the cupboards and ate all my quinoa and a load of raw rice on Monday night so as you can imagine I have had a sick dog for a few days so this has added to the jobs this week, cleaning up after her, she's much better now though thankfully but seeing her reaction to grains (fair enough they were raw!) and some reading I've been doing just lately has made me wonder what they may do to the body, I'm reading good and bad so for now I might just cut them out and see how I feel.

Dinner was walnuts, celery, cucumber followed by an apple. Later in the afternoon I had a medjool date and a spoon full of natural yogurt because I had a sweet tooth and then tonight I had planned to have a chicken dinner but forgot to put the vegetables in the steamer because I was busy working so ended up just having chicken with green salad for my tea, this ended up being a pretty late tea as I was out networking at a ladies night at wakaday's in Bromton on Swale near where the new JX Fitness Studio is going to be.

I don't think I've said much about the JX Fitness Studio or why I've changed the business name to JX from DJ personal training! Well DJ are my maiden name initials and it's taken me a while to move over to Debbie Wilson (which I now am, I got married in Feb 2010!) much to my husbands annoyance! My hubby also wanted to be a part in the business and help with a rebrand and so JX Fitness was born. The story behind the name is that I still wanted some of what brought me to where I am today but also where we are going with the business. At first I said Jux (a take on my maiden name) then we said let's just knock the 'U' out and be JX, we have a daughter together called Joss so with her initial, my maiden name and the fact that Ian wanted it to be more or a joint effort (although he's managed to get out of a lot of work being over seas at the minute ha ha) so the J represents the past, the present and the future, the X represents our love for the business, of our family and of the clients we have and continue to attract to the business. So there you have it - I know I've gone off on a tangent there but as I've been speaking about the studio opening but hadn't really said much more.

Anyway I really shouldn't be on here much longer as it's after 10 and I'm still looking at a computer, this is not good for my cortisol levels which I'm trying to avoid making worse at this present time, cortisol tends to make you put on fat around your stomach and as that's my worst place to lose it from (because I can be a stress head at times, it's the ginger in me!) so I'm going to shut off, go make a Tulsi tea and go to bed!

Good night all

Day three and starting to feel much better

Sorry i didn't post last night it was almost 10pm by the time i got home and I needed an early night so that i could be more productive today.

Yesterday went pretty well but I think I ate a little bit too much fruit, that must be the sugar i'm missing, didn't realise just how often i was having just a little bit of chocolate!

For breakfast I had natural yoghurt and blueberries followed by 10ml of fish oils, I just had an apple and some seeds mid morning then I sat down to have some dinner at 2.20pm which was steak and green salad, I really enjoyed it because I haven't had steak for a while. I had some desert at about 4pm which was banana, avocado and raspberries and coconut oil whizzed together. then before I went out to work I grabbed some celery and hummus. When I got home I had a banana, went for a bath then straight to bed.

I ate too many banana's yesterday but other than that I didn't do too bad, didn't feel massively hungry, since cutting out the wheat,, caffeine and sugar again i'm feeling much more satisfied.

There are challenges though, Joss (my daughter) has lots of goodies in the house from halloween that she's allowed a treat each day, seeing the chocolate in there is definitely a test of will powers!

training yesterday was pretty light, i carried out several burpees in preparation of a burpee challenge I'm taking part in on Sat 12th November to raise money for Help for Heroes and the Poppy Appeal (Royal British Legion) the reason we're doing this is to show our support to our troops, ex serving, serving, injured and fallen. We have a facebook event you can read about it here ten thousand burpee

I dont want to overdo things as I need to be on top form for the studio open day this Saturday, after that I can't wait to use all the new toys I will have in there :o)

Going to make some eggs for breakfast now, have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day two down...

SO day two down, this is going to be a quick post because my head is really sore, i've been working on the computer for a lot this afternoon so that on top of the detox headaches it doesn't feel great.

My eatings been clean but not much, i'm not worried though because i feel satisfied - I had banana, blueberry and avocado mousse for breakfast with a spoonful of fish oils afterwards, lunch i was quite boring and had my hummus and vegetable crudites and then I haven't really eaten much else today as I wasn't that hungry, I had an apple on my way out to teach Zumba then tonight when I got in i had a medjool date and some natural yoghurt.

Training session was just a short one this morning as I had to get to Richmond to collect a few things for the studio.

Going to sign off now, my stomach is already feeling much less bloated already!

Time to relax and shut off good night everyone, will try to post a more detailed post soon.