Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day four and feeling fab!

Yay I wish I could bottle this feeling and remind myself how good it feels not to be fuzzy headed and lethargic!

After my post this morning I went and had a banana omelette (with half the banana Joss left last night), lunch was more of a grab and go lunch because i've not stopped today, it's all good as it's in preparation for Saturday's open day but I was still busy when I went to collect Joss from school so had to work while she had to watch cartoons, god am I feeling like a guilty mummy to her because I've hardly had any time to spend with her properly this week because it's been so busy, I've not had much time for a decent training session either and I'm really feeling unfit so I really can't wait to get fully back into it. After Saturday these things are getting scheduled in regularly again!

My dog managed to get into the cupboards and ate all my quinoa and a load of raw rice on Monday night so as you can imagine I have had a sick dog for a few days so this has added to the jobs this week, cleaning up after her, she's much better now though thankfully but seeing her reaction to grains (fair enough they were raw!) and some reading I've been doing just lately has made me wonder what they may do to the body, I'm reading good and bad so for now I might just cut them out and see how I feel.

Dinner was walnuts, celery, cucumber followed by an apple. Later in the afternoon I had a medjool date and a spoon full of natural yogurt because I had a sweet tooth and then tonight I had planned to have a chicken dinner but forgot to put the vegetables in the steamer because I was busy working so ended up just having chicken with green salad for my tea, this ended up being a pretty late tea as I was out networking at a ladies night at wakaday's in Bromton on Swale near where the new JX Fitness Studio is going to be.

I don't think I've said much about the JX Fitness Studio or why I've changed the business name to JX from DJ personal training! Well DJ are my maiden name initials and it's taken me a while to move over to Debbie Wilson (which I now am, I got married in Feb 2010!) much to my husbands annoyance! My hubby also wanted to be a part in the business and help with a rebrand and so JX Fitness was born. The story behind the name is that I still wanted some of what brought me to where I am today but also where we are going with the business. At first I said Jux (a take on my maiden name) then we said let's just knock the 'U' out and be JX, we have a daughter together called Joss so with her initial, my maiden name and the fact that Ian wanted it to be more or a joint effort (although he's managed to get out of a lot of work being over seas at the minute ha ha) so the J represents the past, the present and the future, the X represents our love for the business, of our family and of the clients we have and continue to attract to the business. So there you have it - I know I've gone off on a tangent there but as I've been speaking about the studio opening but hadn't really said much more.

Anyway I really shouldn't be on here much longer as it's after 10 and I'm still looking at a computer, this is not good for my cortisol levels which I'm trying to avoid making worse at this present time, cortisol tends to make you put on fat around your stomach and as that's my worst place to lose it from (because I can be a stress head at times, it's the ginger in me!) so I'm going to shut off, go make a Tulsi tea and go to bed!

Good night all

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