Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day six, the journey so far

Hi everyone,
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, this week finally got the better of me, I slept in for boot camp for the first time EVER, luckily I have a fantastic bunch of campers who all understood and actually started the workout without me, luckily it wasn't too long and I was there to see the workout through, I couldn't sleep thursday night and with eating too late, anyway lesson learnt, be sure to take more rest - I am NOT a machine ha ha.

Anyway after that my Friday was jam packed I got a delivery at 8.30 at the studio so had to rush and get Joss ready for school then dash to get the delivery and then get her to school, I'm sure it's something with delivery companies, deliver at the most inconvenient time possible :0), then it was on to do the finishing touches to the studio, which ended up continuing until about 5.30 then on to a class at 6 then straight to Darlington to get a few supplies for today's Studio open day.

My nutrition was much better yesterday and I really cut down on the fruit, I had loads of greens in a stir fry for breakfast (green beans, broccoli, broad beans, spinach and kale) and then added an egg in it then while cooking i added a little apple cider vinegar, it added a lovely flavour and then I added some himalayan crystal salt, it was lovely. Ate out for lunch with my mum in between grabbing some shopping I had homemade tomato soup and my mum had the sandwich that came with it, then before my class I had a medjool date and after I grabbed a salad from Morrisons, I added loads of green leaves (dark).

Today didn't get off to the best start, I had gluten free muesli that I'd soaked over night, I added a little coconut milk for flavour then the rest of the day wasn't too great, we had healthy nibbles for the open day but we also had cakes and bubbly - well it was a special occasion. Today is a little bit of a relaxed day because I've eaten 100% clean this week, bot did I swell a couple of hours after the cake I had!!! (note to self - dont have wheat, even on a cheat day if I can help it!)

The studio open day was a massive success and I'm still buzzing, thanks to everyone who came along x

I'm off to watch some fireworks with my family now and tomorrow get some much needed rest and spend some time with my beautiful little girl.

Have a brilliant bonfire night everyone xx

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