Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day three and starting to feel much better

Sorry i didn't post last night it was almost 10pm by the time i got home and I needed an early night so that i could be more productive today.

Yesterday went pretty well but I think I ate a little bit too much fruit, that must be the sugar i'm missing, didn't realise just how often i was having just a little bit of chocolate!

For breakfast I had natural yoghurt and blueberries followed by 10ml of fish oils, I just had an apple and some seeds mid morning then I sat down to have some dinner at 2.20pm which was steak and green salad, I really enjoyed it because I haven't had steak for a while. I had some desert at about 4pm which was banana, avocado and raspberries and coconut oil whizzed together. then before I went out to work I grabbed some celery and hummus. When I got home I had a banana, went for a bath then straight to bed.

I ate too many banana's yesterday but other than that I didn't do too bad, didn't feel massively hungry, since cutting out the wheat,, caffeine and sugar again i'm feeling much more satisfied.

There are challenges though, Joss (my daughter) has lots of goodies in the house from halloween that she's allowed a treat each day, seeing the chocolate in there is definitely a test of will powers!

training yesterday was pretty light, i carried out several burpees in preparation of a burpee challenge I'm taking part in on Sat 12th November to raise money for Help for Heroes and the Poppy Appeal (Royal British Legion) the reason we're doing this is to show our support to our troops, ex serving, serving, injured and fallen. We have a facebook event you can read about it here ten thousand burpee

I dont want to overdo things as I need to be on top form for the studio open day this Saturday, after that I can't wait to use all the new toys I will have in there :o)

Going to make some eggs for breakfast now, have a great day everyone!

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